Gemini Exchange Adds Three Major Cryptocurrencies

A popular exchange platform, Gemini, which is led by Winklevoss Twins entrepreneurs, recently announced about adding three major cryptocurrencies to its platform. According to the announcement, the three new cryptocurrencies, which will be soon supported by Gemini will include Litecoin, ZCash and Bitcoin Cash.

Gemini is currently completely licensed in the United States and has been attracting institutional investors from such important and large markets from all around the world as Hong Kong, South Korea and the U.K. Considering the coverage of the exchange platform and its current position in the market, this new integration is considered to be an important development for all the involved cryptocurrencies.

While supporting all the three new cryptocurrencies has been big news for the currency holders and investors as, the adoption of ZCash attracted a particular attention. One of the entrepreneur brothers, Cameron Winklevoss commented on adding ZCash to the platform, stating that their recent approval makes Gemini “the first licensed ZCash exchange in the world”. In addition, as reported, due to the new partnership, NYSDFS becomes the first regulatory agency in the world which will supervise ZCash.

According to field experts, the new adoption of a cryptocurrency such as ZCash, which is designed for anonymity, by such a large exchanger, is rather a refreshing step considering the recent ban on listing privacy-focused coins on Japanese exchangers.

The exact date of accepting the newly listed cryptocurrencies on Gemini was announced only for ZCash for now. According to the source, it will be possible to make deposits of ZCash on the platform starting from this Saturday. Meanwhile, the specific dates for enabling the trade of Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash on the large exchanger have been informed to be still confirmed and the information to be released in the nearest future.

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