Cardano Announces New Partnership with Japan Blockchain Startup

Japan-based blockchain startup, Emurgo and one of the most popular cryptocurrencies nowadays, Cardano, recently announced about an important upcoming partnership. As a result of the big partnership, Cardano will combine its ADA currency with the Metaps Plus solution which is one of South Korea’s largest payment platforms.

As announced, the key aim of the partnership is integrating the ADA tokens into more than 40,000 offline stores which are planned to perform more than 10 million offline transactions each year as currently estimated. It is planned that this partnership will take place in the third quarter of 2018.

Metaps Plus, which, as reported platforms over 10 million offline phone transactions in South Korea, will be using the token offered by Cardano in more than 33,000 offline stores and promotions. 

Cardano’s Manager, Michael Parsons commented on the upcoming partnership stating that the new integration of ADA with Metaps Plus platform will allow performing immediate digital payments or settlements with insure little to no fraud in the entire process. Persons also highlighted that Korea is a country which has a pioneering approach to innovation and early adoption of new technologies and hence they are looking forward to the new promising partnership.

CEO of EMURGO, Ken Kodama also commented on the important partnership stating that Metaps plus has a great potential to allow ADA to expand more rapidly and eventually to become recognized and accepted as a new way for making payment settlement in the Korean market.

This is the first time that crypto money is integrated into the mobile payment platform in Asia. EMURGO confirmed that they also aim at uniting those Cardano’s partners who wish to benefit from the parent companies as well as the blockchain technology that is currently placed in the industry by them.

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