Dash CEO Ryan Taylor has Been Hacked

Yesterday, the CEO of Dash Core, Ryan Taylor, found that his social media accounts and even his smartphone had been hacked by the 4chan group, which made it the worst use imaginable.

They have been posting:

  • Racist tweets against Tron’s Justin Sun;
  • Announcements that all transactions tested using DASH would be made public, “So DASH users have nothing to hide”;
  • “We should pretend to find a scam on DASH, and then buy on the bottom”
  • Asserted that BCH is the real bitcoin, and that there would be an agreement between the two.

These are just some examples of the type of communication made by hackers, who also opened a specific

section in 4chan.

They then pushed to disturb the CMO of Dash, Gutierrez, reaching the limit of blackmail, immediately rejected by the person concerned.


Finally yesterday evening Ryan Taylor has regained control of its social accounts and has deleted all the fake news posted.

There were no repercussions on the Dash listing, and at the same time, the hackers behaved like tasteless pranksters and nothing more.

Imagine what could have happened if they used Ryan Taylor’s communication channels more fraudulently.

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