ICON Launches a new Platform for Dapps

ICON is a Korean project, linked to the construction of a network to connect institutions, from finance to public services, through the blockchain.

So far it has acted with some success reaching very interesting capitalization values.

On an otherwise gray day, with widespread declines, ICON presented two innovations that have reignited interest.

Firstly, ICONest was launched, the platform for Dapp connected to ICON, but also able to work with Ethereum.

It is a project that will also allow to launch tokens in a very simplified way, with direct assistance from the Foundation and which will give support both from a marketing and financial point of view.

The acceptance of Ethereum on the platform is, however, considered only an intermediate step because the final goal is to work only with ICON blockchain token, thus accepting only ICX.

Today a second important news has arrived, saying that the Korean financial authorities are considering abandoning the certification of centralized identities, to pass a decentralized check, with a system called “CHAIN ​​ID” that it is presented as the first joint identification system via blockchain.

Given the weight of ICON and its advisors, positive impact on the token is naturally predictable in the Korean environment.

The ICX token currently capitalizes almost $ 1.6 billion, and as a result of the news, the volumes transited rose significantly from 38 million yesterday to today’s 158 million.

The prices hold, positive on a day when the markets see frequent double-digit declines.


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