BlockPress: The New Social Network Based on Bitcoin Cash

It’s a new Twitter-like platform that allows people to use Bitcoin Cash and its blockchain to permanently publish their thoughts and potentially even earn a small amount.

Known as BlockPress, the social network presents an interface that shows messages coming directly from the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. The posts themselves are permanently engraved on the blockchain with small transactions representing fractions of one cent. Users must also make these transactions if they want profile images, custom names other than the keys that are provided from the beginning, and header photos. Some users have already taken on bizarre personalities to evade equally bizarre transactions.

This does not mean that people can not make a profit on the platform. Very similar to Yours, another social network based on BCH, allows users to send each other’s suggestions thanks to their posts.

It seems that even the social pay-to-post platforms are not however immune to scammers. Some of the best posts are those that promise a certain number of BCHs in exchange for likes. BlockPress seems to solve this problem by not including the “main post” function, which only shows a stream of random posts as soon as they appear on the network, which disincentives the “fishing” of the likes. We do not know if BlockPress will include a “Top posts” feature, but it is certainly possible to implement it, given the possibility of scanning the BCH blockchain.

As the blockchain grows, it may even be more difficult for on-chain social networks to explore it. This is a problem that Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum has seen again at the end of November, when he started discussing changes to dampen this problem. It is now up to the Bitcoin Cash community to see how it would solve this problem.

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