Microsoft Azure Introduces Solution for Faster Creation of Blockchain Apps

Microsoft Azure platform recently announced about releasing a new service for creating blockchain apps in a more efficient way. The new project is called Azure Blockchain Workbench, as officially announced by the company in the recent press release.

The company disseminated information which stated that blockchain technology is currently one of the key topics of interest for them. The new technology will also be greatly highlighted and deeply discussed during the annual Microsoft Build conference which will take place later this week.

The new platform is believed by creators to be a beneficial tool for businesses that are looking for efficient solutions to create bespoke blockchain apps. The solution aims on speeding up the development process of blockchain-based apps. As confirmed in the official announcement, the key way and approach to achieve such results is by automating the infrastructure setup.

General Manager of Microsoft Azure platform, Matthew Kerner highlighted the great significance of the newly introduced solution, stating that the new service will allow developers to focus on the main logic of an application while the business owners will be able to focus on defining and validating their use cases. This way, measurable amount of resources and efforts not only will be saved but will also be concentrated on the most efficient directions which proves the initial purpose of the project of provide efficient solutions in the entire blockchain-based app creation process.

Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Azure continues to hold an optimistic approach towards the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general despite the recently published negative opinion of Bill Gates on the new technology. The key point of Gates regarding cryptocurrencies mainly concerned Bitcoin being an ineffective investment.

While controversial opinions have been expressed concerning the new technology, blockchain is still believed to be an important topic to focus on by the company.

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