Blockchain Startup adds Monero to Crypto Investment App

Important announcement for Monero was made recently by a fast growing Blockchain startup. Circle, which is a promising tech startup based on blockchain announced about adding the privacy-focused cryptocurrency of Monero to its Invest application.

As reported, the new integration with Monero was announced just one week after the company informed the public about adding zcash to its payment platform.

As a result of the integration, the users of the app will be able to invest in the cryptocurrency just as they were doing with other currencies which are currently available on the platform. The other tokens which are currently offered by Circle Invest include big names such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin.

Senior Product Manager of Invest app, Rachel Mayer made the official announcement stating that the next step after welcoming zcash to their family of Circle Invest is growing their collection of cryptocurrencies. An important step here is the integration Monero. Mayer also confirmed that after the official integration of Monero into the platform, it now already offers 7 different cryptocurrencies which makes the Circle Invest “one of the only platforms you can invest instantly and seamlessly in the widest breadth of coins by using your bank account.”

The official announcement was concluded by general information about upcoming updates from the company. As reported, the future steps of the team will include sharing the information regarding the methods of adding assets to their products and introducing new features to the users.

Invest app is a digital investment platform which operates without charging any commission for its services from the users. One of the key expectations from the platform so far has been possible integration of Ripple’s XRP into the platform, while no official announcement was made regarding such assumption so far.

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