Updated Statistics and Numbers on the Crypto ATM in the World

From 608 to 2917 in just two years. It is the parable of growth of the crypto ATM. A number that is ony going to increase in the future. For example, only the Odissey Group company wants to fill Buenos Aires with 4 thousand crypto ATMs in the coming years.

But what is the status of crypto ATMs in the world today? This is reported by the Coin ATM Radar website.

US First in the World, Italy does better than France

Of the 2917 cryptocurrencies ATMs in the world, as many as 1721 are located in the United States, equal to 75.4%. Of these, 151 are in the city of New York, which contends the highest step of the podium with Chicago (149). United States are followed by Europe. 21.22% of crypto ATM worldwide are installed in the Old Continent.

Austria leads the European rankings with 160 ATMs The United Kingdom follows (124), the Czech Republic (46). Spain and Russia are both at 43 points. Switzerland and the Netherlands also ranked the same (25). Italy (23) is better than France, one of the taillights with only two crypto ATMs installed. Malta has only three at the moment, despite it points to become the leading nation of the crypto and the blockchain.

Here the ranking updated to 1 May 2018.

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The average fee

Coin ATM Radar statistics give some other significant data to understand how crypto ATM spread in the world.

8% is the average exchange fee, calculated on a base of 1849 machines that allow you to buy cryptocurrencies and 795 with which you can make sales operations.Almost all ATM crypto support bitcoin operations, 99.8% of the total analyzed.

Of these 1448 allow to do operations with altcoin: Litecoin (1360), Ether (787), Bitcoin Cash (279), Dash (279). The list ends with Zcash (39), Monero (32) and Dogecoin (24).

The big players in the sector

Coin Atm Radar then highlights who the big players are in the production and installation of ATM crypto.

33.46% of the market is in the hands of Genesis Coin, a company based in San Diego. It follows General Bytes that with its crypt ATM occupies 28.08% of the market and has its headquarters in Prague, with offices also in Florida.On the third step of the podium, there is Lamassu (11.69%), another American company that was born in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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