You Can Now Pay for a Formula 1 Drive with Cryptocurrencies

Unleash Experience offers the chance to drive the Williams world champion of Nico Rosberg.

You can organize private events on the track, alone or in a group, to experience the thrill of being a driver of a Formula 1 car for a day.

You can choose between three circuits and two different cars, and you can even pay in cryptocurrencies.

The official website of the initiative in fact declares that they accept bitcoins and all the most important cryptocurrencies thanks to CoinPayments, one of the largest payment gateways with over 80 cryptocurrencies.

Unleash Experience was created by the former CEO of Aleksi Vitakoski, who in the past has developed a cryptocurrency payment infrastructure since the launch of bitcoin, along with Speedpassion.

Vitakoski Said:

“I was a guest of Speedpassion to experience the thrill of driving in Formula 1. It was so fantastic that I decided to try the same experience for others”.

The founder of Speedpassion Tony Svartsjö, however, commented:

“I’ve always been open to new ideas, and Bitcoin and Formula 1 sound like an interesting match. We want to offer the best Formula 1 experience to all people and I believe that Vitakoski has a great experience with this new clientele “.

A video posted on the official YouTube channel of Unleash Experience shows a lap of the track at the Auto24 Ring in Pärnu, Estonia, with Williams world champion Nico Rosberg.

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