Tron Announces Another New Listing on Popular Exchange

It has been a very active month for Tron. Another important listing on a leading exchange was recently announced for the cryptocurrency. As officially confirmed by the CEO and founder of the company, Justin Sun, Tron has been listed on CoinTiger exchange platform. The announcement was made on the official Twitter page of Lee, who stated that it will be possible to start trading the cryptocurrency on CoinTiger since May 4. Meanwhile it was also reported that the platform is already accepting deposits from the day before (May 3) so all the enthusiasts of the cryptocurrency can already get involved with it on the new platform.

CoinTiger is a popular exchange platform which is most known for trading such big cryptocurrencies as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and EOS. As reported, these three top cryptocurrencies together make up around 65% of the exchange platform’s entire trading volume. According to the official data announced by CoinMarketCap, CoinTiger currently has a market cap of $53,393,403.

As to Tron’s performance, it has been positively eye-catching in the market recently with all the announcements and updates on the upcoming big launch of the new net. In addition, as the field enthusiasts are well aware, Tron has been getting one new listing on top exchange platforms after another making sure that the cryptocurrency is available for trading to larger amount of users all around the world.

According to the field experts, the new listing for Tron on CoinTiger is just another piece in the puzzle for the company in making the big valuable picture which the project is growing to become. Based on the important growth strategy of Tron, there have been opinions stating that the company will be investing in acquiring more partnerships and integrations, especially before the end of May when the big launch is expected.

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