4 Reasons to Buy Ripple XRP in May

What will be the best cryptocurrency in May 2018? Net of any surprises that are always possible within virtual coins, the answer to this question is: Ripple.

According to a recent comparative analysis there are 4 good reasons to invest in the XRP listing in May. Considering that you have already entered the new month, it is possible to say that investing in Ripple today is worth more than all other cryptocurrencies. XRP, therefore, beats everyone. The legacy left to Ripple since the first quarter of 2018 is very substantial. In the first part of the year, in fact, XRP has been in close contact with a number of leading companies worldwide: from Western Union to Cambridge Global Payments, from MercuryFX to IDT to MoneyGram.

According to recurring rumors, it is very likely that by the end of 2018, one of the companies mentioned above will announce the real time use of XRapid and XRP in cross-border money transfers. For Ripple, therefore, the awards were not lacking and precisely these statements of trust are the basis of the bullish forecasts on the XRP listing for the month of May 2018.

But what are the 4 factors for which Ripple is worth more than Bitcoin and Ethereum (only to stay at the highest-capitalized crypto)? The first point concerns the level of technological progress achieved by Ripple. The XRP technology is much evolved compared to all the other cryptocurrencies. No virtual currency can boast a level of speed in transactions such as that achieved by Ripple technology in a few years.

The second factor for which it can be said that the XRP forecasts for May 2018 beat those of all the other cryptocurrencies, concerns the analytical side. Buying Ripple at these prices is indeed very convenient. Ripple recorded a decrease of about 90% compared to the all time high of $ 3.60. Traders are perfectly aware that a currency bought at -70, -90% will result in a good profit. From this point of view it is possible to state that the XRP listing is undervalued and that it is time to rediscover Ripple. Buying Ripple at current prices is also worthwhile, however, as seen from the first factor, there is every reason to support a growth in prices.

The third element for which Ripple is more convenient than other cryptocurrencies is the potential development, a factor that is extremely connected to the first point, ie the current level of Ripple technology. The Plan for XRP provides the XCurrent tool. Later, when liquidity requirements are sufficient, banks and financial institutions can decide whether or not to switch to the XRapid tool, which implicitly uses the XRP currency. One of the targets that the company has set is the list of XRP on as many exchanges. It is very likely that this target will lead to an increase in liquidity for the XRP currency.

Finally, the fourth factor for which the Ripple forecasts in May 2018 beat those on all other altcoins, concerns the latest news. Some recent innovations such as the live use of XRapid and XRP in cross-border money transfers through Western Union, MoneyGram or SBI bode well for the current month.

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