New Store Selling Cryptocurrencies Opened in Croatia

A new project of Bitcoin Store recently opened in one of the most touristic cities of Croatia which offers bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for cash. The store even issues receipts becoming another good contribution to steadily growing crypto sector in the Balkan country. As reported by the project team, they plan to expand the initiation to other major Croatian cities as well and later on to other countries in the region.

The recent project offers a walk-in point in Croatian city of Split which currently offers direct sales of bitcoin, ether and other altcoins. The store charges 5% of premium for the service and provides a receipt and proof of purchase for tax reporting purposes.

Croatian crypto exchange called Bitkonan is the author of this first of its kind project in the country and in the region, announced about future intentions of having similar stores in other large cities of the country including the capital Zagreb, Rijeka etc.

Cryptocurrency sector in Croatia, including crypto trading has been actively developing over past year. Currently popular exchange platforms offer direct purchases of digital coins through bank transfers. In addition the local crypto community has grown with many new crypto companies and businesses which currently accept crypto payments. There are many Bitcoin ATMs in almost all major cities of the country.

Meantime Croatian government in the name of Croatian National Bank (HNB) still holds a conservative approach towards cryptocurrencies stating that those are illegal means of payment under the current laws in the country. As a response the local crypto community established a new organization of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association which aims on adopting meaningful regulations in the field and assist local authorities in accepting cryptocurrencies. They declared readiness to advise authorities on all crypto-related matters as well as to provide legal, financial, and technical support to its members.

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