India’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Zebpay Lists Tron

A new major listing for Tron (TRX) on Zebpay was announced recently. A leading Indian exchange platform, Zebpay officially announced about the new listing on their official Twitter page. The cryptocurrency community as well as the industry fans could have been expecting such a listing after some recent announcements by the leading exchanger on involving new cryptocurrencies on the platform.

The official announcement was made on the social platform of the exchanger using an interesting riddle which created a lot of buzz in the Indian crypto-market. According to the official announcement, the users are able to start trading the cryptocurrency on Zebpay starting from 1pm of April 27, 2018. It was also reported that the trading fees for Tron transactions on the platform will be as low as 0.01%.  

The new listing by the Indian exchanger initially was surrounded by some controversies as recently the Reserve Bank of India made an announcement stating that all the banks that are working under their system will no longer be supporting businesses or individuals who deal with cryptocurrencies.

According to some reviews by the field professionals, the new listing on a leading Indian exchange platform is a good opportunity for Tron to involve more investments from the interested users in India. In addition, new listings are important for the cryptocurrency especially by May 31 as active trading and investments are expected before the important launch of Tron’s Main Net.

The listing on Zebpay is indeed an important opportunity for Tron opening up new markets for the cryptocurrency. In addition it has been followed by several other recent listings for the cryptocurrency including Einstein, WazerX, Bittrexand Coinbene. As reported, Tron has been showing a good performance in the market after being listed on these leading platforms showing about 7% increase in the past 24 hours already.        

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