Tron Clears Users’ Doubt On Mainnet, Handed Malaysian Exchange Listing

There is no doubt that the TRON ’s Mainnet which will soon be launched has been creating continuous disruption in the market with various polished words coming from its owner.

Albeit of the beautiful flags which the founder of the altcoin attached to the Mainnet that will see the altcoin’s migration from ERC20 network to its own established ecosystem, users and lovers are still doubting the productivity of the migration which is coming after a testnet.

According to the team behind the altcoin’s development, the next 10 days will feature successful launch of the Mainnet, and TRON will be placed as Ethereum’s stack competitor.

“From today to the last day, we are no longer the ERC20 token and in the future, we will compete with Ethereum as a DApp platform.”

“We will compete face to face with Ethereum, and we have confidence we will build a large ecosystem; a much large ecosystem than the Ethereum. I will explain to you why we can surpass Ethereum in the future,” Justin Sun said.

As the forthcoming launch of the Mainnet seems to be rousing disputes and doubts on whether it will propel the altcoin or drag it into mire, Justin Sun has replied lovers of the altcoin that the migration is for good and it will surely thrust TRON in the crypto verse.

“The TRON Foundation decides that TRX only supports migration to exchanges for the sake of the safety of users’ assets and hopes that this allows ordinary users to avoid the risk of losing assets just for missing the snapshot time in the mapping snapshot mode,” Sun said.

Justin added that the Mainnet which will be released in the second quarter of this year will enhance the altcoin’s Transactions Per Second [TPS] to 10K TPS, security and speed.

“TRX will not make additional issues before 2021. The bonus TRX for package transactions before 2021 will come from the TRON Foundation. Afterwards, we will increase the supply of TRX at a fixed amount instead of a certain percentage.”

“Our main goal at Q3 is to fully support third-party apps and provide third parties with stable and reliable system-level support, including high-performance pluggable smart contract virtual machines and optimized P2P network systems. In Q4, we will focus on cross-chain communication and privacy protection,” Sun added.

The Mainnet has been describe to be a major part of TRON’s road map for development this year.

Coinbene to boost TRON.

While the Mainnet seems to be a very important part of TRON’s development, Coinbene will be adding another feather to the Cap of the altcoin with a proposed listing on its platform according to a tweet issued by Sun.

“#TRON #TRX will be listed on @coinbene and TRX/USDT will be opened on April 25,14:00 (UTC+8), click poster to know more. @Tronfoundation,” Sun twitted.


Source: Twitter.

Even though TRON, ranked 12 according to Coinranking, is a well-known cryptocoin, the news of it being listed on a new exchange platform is surely an addition, especially as the exchange is based in Malaysia. TRON’s keenness for development is signaling that the altcoin is aiming for a place beyond the sky.

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