Ripple May be Edging Into Music Industry With Snoop Dogg’s Performance

In the eyes of Ripple’s mind, development in every sector is a must, while gaining recognition and accolades that will take it any space is a sine qua non. The year 2018 has been splendid for the altcoin as sundry of partnerships from banks and other financial institutions troop in continuously. Ripple was also place at the staple with recognition from several countries among which Netherland and Saudi Arabia lie.

As Ripple continues to feature in various sector, it seems like the time has come for the altcoin to move into the music industry. Earlier, the founder of Ripple aired the altcoin’s indefatigable zeal for development stating that in the next five years, it must have partnered with more than half of world’s top banks, and its wish to move into China, albeit it is a hostile region for blockchain.

Ripple To Express Gratitude

Ripple has not forgotten its lover and the altcoin will be hosting special night for Blockchain Week in New York City, next month.

“As special thanks to those who are building liquidity, validating transactions, developing on the XRP Ledger, looking to xRapid as a liquidity solution and sharing the good word about XRP’s many benefits, we’re hosting a special night,” Ripple made known

How Snoop Dog Will Drive Ripple’s Into Music Industry

The classical and renowned musician, Snoop Dogg will be at the special night tagged “VIP gathering”, entertaining people with the delicacy of his skills.

“This VIP gathering will feature a live music performance by Snoop Dogg. While this is an invite-only event, we will offer 10 tickets via Twitter over the coming weeks.”

“Please note this is a private event. Tickets cannot be purchased, and we will limit admission to those on the invite list and our contest winners. Please note this does not include travel.”

Since the announcement of the VIP gathering, there has been rousing speculations that Ripple may see it as an opportunity to move into the music industry, as Ripple remain an opportunistic altcoin.

Although Ripple has not announce any affiliation with the industry but if such happens, it would not be strange to people due to recent ones like the Verge collaboration with bigwigs in the Porn industry and Stellar and Ethereum which partnered with a messaging app.

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