Blockchain Based Ride Sharing Mobile App was Launched in Malaysia

Ride-hailing platform, DACSEE (Decentralized Alternative Cabs & Empowering Everyone) which is based on Blockchain technology recently announced about launching its long-awaited mobile application. DACSEE has the main target of the Asian market and according to the recent announcement the application will be initially available in Malaysia.

The startup reported that the new app is currently available for Android users with the iOS app coming up very soon- on April 27. The mobile app is expected to be soon available in other large Asian markets such as Indonesia, Thailand and China.

The announcement also stated that the mobile app was initially tested in Kuala Lumpur. The successful testing was conducted on the specially designed pool of passengers and drivers. The users were able to successfully find preferred drivers while the drivers were successful to create connections and add passengers to their circle. The feature of Circle of Friends from where appropriate cooperation can be made was also successfully tested during this period.

DACSEE uses blockchain technology in order to provide decentralized and autonomous ride-sharing service. Due to the fact that there is no central authority involved in the process the charged fees for the service are much lower than in case of other similar platforms. Unlike competitors, which are charging somewhere around 20-25% service fees from the drivers, DACSEE is able to charge only from 1 to 2% commission.

As reported by the startup more than 30.000 drivers through Asia had already signed up for the service even before the mobile app was launched. As of April 2018, 90 million downloads from users was registered and over 5 million drivers and agents joined the platform. The company claims that over 5 million people in Asia use the combined platform on a daily basis.

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