The Shift Credit Card Supports Litecoin by connecting to Coinbase

Shift Card, the first bitcoin debit card in the United States now supports Litecoin (LTC) cryptocurrency as well as bitcoin and ethereum, said Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin in a post on twitter, the debit card connects to Coinbase and can be used to shop online and offline in over 38 million stores worldwide that accept VISA.

Charlie Lee has also advised to put in the coinbase account only the coins that you want to spend and keep the others in a safer place.

The debit card is priced at $ 20, domestic ATM withdrawals cost $ 2.5 and $ 3.50 for international ones. For international transactions, a 3 percent commission is applied.

For more information, the site is

Recently, the LTCPay website was also launched, a free service for merchants who want to accept Litecoin for their business.

In addition, during the month of April TenX and Charlie Lee announced a new partnership; TenX is working with the Litecoin Foundation to present a co-branded card for which more information will soon be available

The price of the LTC cryptocurrency has risen from $ 150 to 160 in the last two days. In the first part of today, it is recording an increase of 6 percentage points.

For those not familiar with the shift card, this is a visa debit card that is usually tied to your Coinbase Bitcoin wallet. It’s also different from most Bitcoin debit cards in that you don’t have to preload funds onto the card before using it. Instead, the Bitcoin is sold at the point of sale and automatically converted into the correct amount of currency to complete the purchase. This allows the card to work seamlessly with your Coinbase account.

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