Bitfinex Partners with EOS as a Block Producer

Founded in 2012, Bitfinex is a digital asset trading platform offering cutting-edge services for digital currency traders and liquidity providers.

The Bitfinex team is made up of over 100 industry experts, including a highly versatile development team, technical support agents, legal experts and industry enthusiasts.

Our vision as a block producer is that of a collaborative incubator, combining the potential of EOSIO with our experience to take research, development and adoption to another level. Our team has gained invaluable industry experience along the way, and we aim to make use of this to enrich the teams around us — sharing information and providing guidance whenever possible.

Bitfinex will pioneer the open source development of EOSIO technology with a focus on technical infrastructure, network security, scalability and decentralized governance.

EOS has already introduced the high-performance and decentralized EOSfinex exchange platform.

EOSfinex is a high-performance decentralised exchange platform built on EOSIO technology. EOSfinex will combine the scalability and potential of EOSIO with the financial/development expertise of the Bitfinex development team to deliver a highly-scalable, on-chain trading platform. EOSfinex has been designed with speed, transparency and scalability in mind and will be the first trustless exchange to be deployed on EOSIO-based networks. In addition to the development of a trustless exchange, we will also lead the development of a secure and intuitive EOS wallet.

EOS has surpassed the peak in Bitcoin prices achieved in December, and is on track to break through its all-time high record, which happened right after the ICO. Volumes are also picking up, resembling the peak activity in the fall. For now, EOS has pushed up reliably from the lows around $4, and has tripled its price in BTC as well for a month. Not even the climb of BTC above $9,000 shook down the trend.

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