Bitcoin Cash (BCH): The Sleeping Giant Awakened In The Bullish Market

  • The cryptomarket has been on a bullish momentum with all the cryptocurrencies in the market having a total market cap of over $400 billion.
  • There has been surge in BCH value moving between a bullish value of $1439 and a resistance value of $1,367 on the hourly chart of BCH/USD (coinranking).

Surely, the crypto market has turned around and it is now bullish. About some weeks back, the market was bearish, leaving almost all coins in the dip. Of today, the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is $400,282,636,063, a cusp which it achieved only far back as March 6. More than 30 days back.

Source: Cryptolization.

The market had been on a rising momentum since April 9 after a sudden fall. On April 9, the total market cap for all altcoins was 259,175,418,278, which when compared to the present value, as added a total of 0.54% to its value since the last 14 day.

Bitcoin Cash, The Most Bullish Altcoin Of The Top Ten.

Of all the crypto coins in the crypto verse, Bitcoin Cash stood out as one of the most bullish altcoins in the recent comeback and the altcoin that has the highest gain amongst the top 10 altcoins.

While the altcoin took the lead in the last seven days among its contemporary adding up 83.52%, it follower in the race, EOS, added 42.8%. In the last 24hrs, BCH was also the top gainer, topping the other top ten coins with an added value of 12.6%, while the altcoin that came after it, IOTA added 2.77%. A huge difference of 9.83.

The last few days, approximately one week has been a turnaround for BCH mounting the chart with a massive zeal of adding more and more to its value. The altcoin started the last seven days with a low price of $755 and now it has risen to $1,387.

Source: Coinranking

Earlier today, BCH had risen up above $1400, it all-time highest price of the week and a price which it only attained far back on February 21. Later today, BCH fell to $1360 and now it is rising up again.

Source: Coinranking

Looking at the 24hrs Chat, it is glaring that the cryptocoin is escalating again with a bullish momentum and it is aiming for a point above $1500 as it remains the most bullish coin amongst its contemporary top ten coins.


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