‘Atlas Protocol’ An advertising Blockchain project by Former Google Engineers

Former Google engineers Duran Liu and Cheng Li announced the launch of Atlas Protocol, a decentralized digital marketing protocol built on the Nebulas public blockchain. Atlas Protocol will be the first application-level protocol developed on Nebulas, using the decentralized classification algorithm of the public open-block platform. The project is one of the first results of xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA) and has already partnered with the Dolphin Browser mobile browser and the decentralized Gifto donation protocol.

Technology experts and investors gathered in New York last week for the launch event of the Atlas Protocol – a decentralized digital marketing protocol that is currently being developed on Nebulas’ public blockchain.

Duran Liu, founder of Atlas Protocol, presented his vision of a blockchain-based digital marketing ecosystem at the launch event of the new startup blockchain. With the decentralization of the digital advertising ecosystem, Atlas Protocol aims to solve the main problems of online marketing, including the security of user data, which is one of the company’s main concerns, and the prevalence of digital advertising fraud, which advertisers about 16 billion dollars in 2017.

The controversy over the use of consumer data by private Internet companies has reached a boiling point in recent months. In October, Facebook, Google and Twitter were convened by the US Senate for a hearing on misleading advertising and micro-targeting on their platforms, and last month the CEOs of these companies were invited to appear for another Congressional hearing on data privacy and disinformation on their social networks. The Facebook CEO accepted the invitation and gave his testimony earlier this month.

Unlike the current digital advertising paradigm, Atlas Protocol seeks to offer users full ownership of data through a decentralized model. During implementation on blockchain, the Atlas protocol network will be completely transparent to users, publishers and advertisers, in contrast to the “black box” that characterizes the current industrial landscape dominated by digital giants.

Cheng Li, CTO of Atlas Protocol, provided an overview of the technical architecture of the project, which is the first application-level protocol built on the Nebulas blockchain. As such, the Atlas protocol will exploit the Nebulas Rank (NR) algorithm, which measures the impact of addresses, smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) in the blockchain world, for its decentralized marketing ecosystem. Cheng also described the mechanics of the native token of the Atlas protocol and how it circulates for the exchange of value between advertisers, publishers and end users.

Atlas Protocol is one of the first offshoots of xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA,, a newly created blockchain community for former Google employees, where both Duran and Cheng previously worked. GBA is designed to bring together some of the most innovative and forward-looking people in the world to share ideas and build projects in the blockchain space.

Meanwhile, the Atlas protocol is already taking hold with the leading mobile internet and blockchain companies. Dolphin browser, a web browser with over 200 million users, is working with Atlas to build the decentralized advertising ecosystem, while the Gifto decentralized virtual donation protocol, supported by the popular Uplive live streaming platform, is also working with Atlas on growth and monetization of users.

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