Tron to Establish New Office in Taiwan

CEO of one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency company nowadays Tron, Justin Sun recently made an announcement declaring that a company office will soon be open in Taiwan. Earlier Sun met with Jason Hsu who is a Taiwanese legislator and discussed list of questions regarding blockchain and the cryptocurrency.

The thirty-minute long conversation between Justin Sun and Jason Hsu was decided to be live-streamed by the parties in order to provide valuable insights for members of the crypto community. The live-stream was made by Periscope and according to Tron figurehead, the conversation which was originally in Mandarin will be soon available with English subtitles.

During the conversation, Sun also revealed that the Tron Foundation will be participating in the Taiwan Blockchain Self-Regulatory Organization (TBRSO) which is an industry body that was recently established by Hsu.

After the meeting, Jason Hsu commented on the meeting on his official Twitter page stating that he was happy to meet the CEO and Founder of Tron Foundation and that he is very much excited about the future collaboration on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Hsu has played an important role in spreading the information about cryptocurrencies throughout Taiwan. Having made his name in the FinTech space, Hsu’s role as a Taiwanese legislator and a Member of Parliament is also measurable.

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Justin Sun also made an important comment on his official Twitter page covering the key update from the meeting stating that they will be jointly promoting TWDT with the Crypto congressman Jason Hsu and the Central Bank of ROC Taiwan. He also added that they expect TWDT to become the first digital fiat currency in the world.

Eventually right after the announcement about the new office in Taiwan, Sun made another post stating about great opportunities for Taiwan engineers, marketers, PR, and others to join the new office which will help making Taiwan an important blockchain community.

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