Coinbase Shuts Down Wikileaks Account

Coinbase, Bitcoin’s largest US stock exchange, has effectively closed the WikiLeaks Shop account as the latter was allegedly “engaged in a prohibited use in violation” of the Platform Terms of Service.

The Coinbase account of the WikiLeaks Shop was effectively suspended to be in violation of the terms of the platform agreements. The original announcement was made from the official Twitter page of the site itself:

As a result, WikiLeaks has lost its means of converting cryptocurrency payments into fiat. However, it is worth noting that donations are still open, but the site should find another way to convert them into conventional money.

Interestingly enough, Coinbase refrained from providing a specific reason for its decision. The only indicator indicated refers to compliance with the “regulatory compliance mechanisms” established by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, under which the platform is regulated.

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The event followed the news of the National Democratic Committee (DNC) that filed a lawsuit against WikiLeaks, as well as against the Trump campaign and the Russian government denouncing a conspiracy to stop the 2016 election campaign.

In response to the blocking of the WikiLeaks Shop account, the site tweeted that it will require the publication of a “global block” of Coinbase next week.

Unlike the trading platform, however, WikiLeaks sets out its motivations – believes that Coinbase is an “unsuitable member of the crypto community” and has acted under a “hidden influence”.

While it is true that WikiLeaks has had a rather tough week, the presumption of a hidden influence behind the acts of the biggest Bitcoin exchange in the United States could stretch it a bit. Of course, the lack of a reasonable explanation on behalf of the trading platform does raise a bit ‘eyebrows.

One thing is clear, however – the way these events will take place will surely deserve to be followed.

Do you think that Coinbase’s actions are caused by a hidden influence, or is WikiLeaks extending its own authority?

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