Anycoin Direct Lists XRP Following Customer Demand

Anycoin Direct has welcomed its newest cryptocurrency to its platform; Ripple’s XRP. The exchange which is headquartered in Veghel, Netherlands made the announcement via their website and Twitter page citing the many requests made by their customers as one of the reasons for the listing. This is not the first time XRP is getting listed on an exchange due to public demand. Three weeks ago, San Francisco-based Uphold conducted a poll on Twitter asking their users which crypto they wanted added among the four choices they were given. Ripple was the clear favorite with a lead of over 50%.

We are very happy to welcome Ripple, also known as XRP, on Anycoin Direct! After a lot of requests from our customer base we have decided to implement this coin on our platform. From now on, you will be able to buy XRP using all available payment methods on Anycoin Direct. You can also sell XRP and request the pay-out to be submitted to your IBAN bank account.”

The exchange then went on to state the many advantages that Ripple offers over its competitors which include its speed of transactions and ability to scale.

It is one of the faster and more scalable digital assets. In its current form, XRP can process up to 1500 transactions per second. Because of these fast and efficient transactions, banks worldwide are interested in Ripple.”

The exchange is aware that there are those that might take advantage of the listing to spam the network and has thus placed a minimum balance of 20 XRP tokens that one must have on his wallet at any one time.

When using an XRP wallet you always need to have at least 20 XRP tokens in it. This is to prevent thousands of people from opening wallets and spamming the network. In other words, the first 20 XRP tokens in an XRP wallet cannot be spent and will remain in that wallet forever.”

The news comes at a time when the crypto market has started bouncing back from a long slump that began in late January. Ripple has lost over 70% of its value from its record high in January but has seen a gradual increase over the last week. With Anycoin Direct being among the most important exchanges in Europe, this marks an important step in Ripple’s journey to becoming the most dominant cryptocurrency.

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