You Can Now Buy XRP with Bolivar in Venezuela is a new cryptocurrency exchange born in Venezuela, witch allows customers  the negotiation of Ripple (XRP) with Venezuelan Bolivars.

According to the presentation of the site, is a web platform that offers registered and verified users a safe, fast and efficient environment in which they can exchange digital coins in bolivar and bolivar in cryptocurrencies.

Users can deposit bolivars free and withdrawal at 1% of the total amount. Sending XRP is 0.3% + 0.000012 XRP (Ripple network) and just 0.3% when sending to another Cryxto user. Purchasing and selling XRP incurs a 3% fee of the total amount in bolivars.

Venezuela has recently passed a law regulating digital currencies and cryptocurrency platforms.

The text of the law, presented in March by the Vice President, Tarek El Aissami, defines the powers of the State for the creation and management of cryptocurrency as well as the sovereign sovereignty of the Petro.

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The decree gives power on the State for the use and regulation of cryptocurrencies, facilitating the creation of instances, such as exchange platforms and the creation of cryptocurrencies.

Last week on LocalBitcoins in Venezuela an absolute record on the volume of transactions was recorded: it was about $ 55 million.

To make a comparison, the previous week this amount was $ 35 million and in the last week of March it was $ 18 million.

The increase in volumes coincides with the Venezuelan government’s decision to approve the Petro cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange platforms.

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