Cardano – Binance Adds ADA/BNB and ADA/USDT Pairs

Today, the exchange Binance announced that it added the possibility to negotiate the cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA) with BNB and USDT.

Cardano is already listed on Binance but is only negotiable in BTC or ETH. Today the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has announced that it has made available the trading pairs ADA / BNB and ADA / USDT. BNB is the currency used to trade on Binance and the USDT is Tether, which is pegged to the US dollar.

Yesterday 16 April, Cardano was also added to the Huobi Pro exchange.

Usually when the cryptocurrencies are added in these important exchanges they record a price increase and it is precisely what is happening to ADA, in fact, after a rise of about 14% yesterday, today it is an increase of another 16 percentage points in the first part of the trading session.

ADA is the seventh cryptocurrency by capitalization and currently has a price of $ 0.255 dollars.

ADA had a difficult start to the year, reaching a maximum of $ 1.26 on January 4 and then falling to a minimum of $ 0.13 on March 18th. This represents a drop of almost 90% over a period of three months. ADA has been one of the worst altcoins since the beginning of the year but now things could change.

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