Tron (Trx) To Use ‘Project Genesis’ And ‘Super Representative Election’ To Light The World

Tron (Trx) To Use ‘Project Genesis’ And ‘Super Representative Election’ To Light The World.

Tron is moving from one development to another in a bid to create better presence and awareness in the financial market. Last month, Tron launched its Test Net launch, and within 3 days of the launch, 126 nodes had been created in 5 continents of the world which includes China, Spain, Vietnam, Germany, India and UK. Presently, the altcoin has began countdown for Tron Main Net which is slated to be launched on May 31. In addition, according to Justin Sun‏, Tron is ranked the 3rd crypto currency behind BTC and ETH based on trading volume.

Now, the altcoin is hoping to light the world with a new development with a disclosure on its website and Twitter page, that it has began its Project Genesis [TRON PG] which stands to express gratitude to its developers around the world.

To express our gratitude for the trust and support of TRON’s global developer community while enriching and expanding TRON’s ecosystem, we are launching Project Genesis: a reward pool totaling $2 billion USD and a variety of programs—all for the TRON community and developers!”

Source: Twitter

June 26, 2018 will also be an important day for the altcoin as the first TRON Super Representative Election will hold, where 27 Super Representatives will be elected, according to a statement released by Tron Lab on its medium page.

Perhaps an even more significant moment for TRON will be June 26, 2018, when we will hold the first TRON Super Representative Election. 27 Super Representatives will be selected to represent over one million TRON supporters and provide calculation and validation for the network. As elected guardians of the TRON network, they represent the will of the people and will play a crucial role in TRON’s future governance structure”.

The June 26th Super Representative Election will also mark the conclusion of the Exodus phase, spearheaded by the TRON Foundation. We are 6 months ahead of our original schedule and will follow Exodus with Odyssey, where the TRON Foundation and the TRON community will join together to govern the network”.

Source: Medium.

The month of June will surely be a crucial one for the altcoin, as the migration of Tron Main Net token will be completed on June 21, 2018, where it will relocate from being an ERC20 token.

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Confidently, with the coming in of new representative, Main Net token migration, and Project Genesis [TRON PG] will be a great beginning for the altcoin, skyrocketing it above the sky.

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