How to Top up your Phone with Cryptocurrencies

Acceptance of cryptocurrencies is growing and now has reached the world of mobile recharges thanks to Bitrefill, where we can recharge the balance with our digital coins quickly and safely.

Bitrefill is an online platform that works with more than 600 operators, distributed in approximately 150 countries around the world. Currently, payments can be made through bitcoin (BTC), dash (DASH) or litecoin (LTC).

It is important to note that Bitrefill recommends recharging only prepaid lines, since postpaid lines may not accept recharge; In spite of this, it is encouraged to try to make a recharge, that in case of being rejected, the return will be made.

One of the main advantages of the platform, in addition to the use of our cryptoactives, is that the process to perform a successful recharge is extremely simple, we should only have the phone number to recharge, an email in case of any return and the amount necessary for payment, with this we can start our tutorial.

How to Use Bitrefill

When entering the main portal of Bitrefill we will realize immediately that we can start the top up process without any requirement or prior subscription.

As you can see, once we enter, the box is presented in the first instance to enter the telephone number to which we will top up. It is possible to change the country by clicking on the flag that appears next to the box where we will place our phone number, in this way you can select the operators available in each country.

To start, we will place the destination number of the recharge in the corresponding box and then we will select the button see prices, where we will open the next window.

In this section we must select the operator to which we will perform the recharge. It is important to keep in mind that the operator we select must match the operator code that we place when entering our telephone number.

A list of amounts corresponding to the amount of balance and its equivalent in bitcoins (BTC) will opens. Once the balance to be reloaded has been chosen, we will place at the bottom of the page our email address, which will be used to keep us informed of the status of our transaction and / or to communicate with us in the case of any return.


Once the email address is placed, we must click on the blank box in the Confirm the order details section. There we will give our consent to send the indicated balance amount to the selected telephone number. In the lower part we will choose the cryptocurrency of our preference to make the payment, according to which we are shown in the list.

Then we will click on the go to payment button, to show us the address of the cryptocurrency portfolio to which the amount to be paid will be sent depending on the cryptocurrency chosen.

It’s time to pay.

Here we will see our order, with a warning that strongly asks us to verify the phone number; since once the balance is transferred, the corresponding returns can not be made.

An important benefit that Bitrefill gives us is the possibility of making the payment through Coinbase, Xapo or Localbitcoins commission free. In case we want to make a transaction from one of these wallets, we must click on the  corresponding button, since we are going to make the transaction to a new wallet belonging to this platform. If we do not do this and transfer from any of these portfolios to the address shown before, this will generate the commissions corresponding to the mining for the confirmation of the transaction, so be very careful with this.

In case we want to pay from any other wallet, we should only scan the QR code or copy the address and we will automatically see that the amount to be sent is placed. This amount can not be modified. We must also remember that we have 15 minutes to make the payment. If this lapse of time expires, we must generate a new portfolio by clicking on the button do you need help?

Once the transaction is made, the system will immediately detect an incoming transaction, but the balance will not be transferred until the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain, which may take approximately 10 minutes.

Once each of these steps has been completed, we will receive an email indicating that the selected balance has been sent. Then, it only remains to confirm that we received the balance and that’s it, we’ve already loaded the balance using our cryptocurrencies.

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