TenX adds LTC to its Wallet: New Partnership for Litecoin Announced

TenX- a relatively young Blockchain based payment system, recently officially announced about adding Litecoin tokens to its mobile Wallet. As reported by the Co-Founder and President of TenX, Dr. Julian Hosp, Litecoin was actually already integrated with the platform over a week ago however an immediate announcement was not made on the important event till now. This allowed the team to set and finalize the adoption rate as a part of the live testing the team decided to implement.

The digital wallet of TenX makes it possible for the listed multiple cryptocurrencies to become easily spendable in everyday life. It is available to be used on the devices powered by iOS and Android and LTC is available on both accordingly.

The payment system of TenX allows funding its mobile wallet both with different virtual currencies and TenX debit card. The card is accepted in more than 200 countries at over 36 million points for both online and offline use.

One of the key features of Litecoin is the transaction-friendly approach of the cryptocurrency as it makes it cheaper and faster for the users to make transfers.

As stated by the leader of TenX, this integration is an important part of the powerful process of integrating new coins in the system in order to ensure both stability and wide availability of the technology. Dr. Hosp was also excited to comment that they look forward to working with Litecoin with the hope that TenX will soon become the one of the most preferred payment platforms for the Litecoin holders.

This integration is also a good opportunity for Litecoin, as it will make it even easier for people to spend LTC in addition to being able to use the tokens to make payments directly.

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