Ripple Takes Lead In Recent 24hrs Crypto Market Comeback

Ripple Takes Lead In Recent 24hrs Crypto Market Comeback.

Ripple has always been a formidable coin with unflinching strength and desire to attain the zenith, but one way or the other, something tries to impede it. However, funny ripple is always resilient exactly why I regard it as the “new era currency for all”. Ripple has now stood up to also live up to its billing, fronting in the recent market comeback.

Over the past weeks, the market has been bearish, creating fear and intimidation in the mind of investors and traders of what will become the fate of their hard earned wealth. Bitcoin, the crypto father which had in December peaked to an all-time highest price of about $19,500 crashed, plunging to a low value below $7000.

As if all this were not enough sad news for investors and enthusiast, important figures in the world who could serve as role models, talked down on cryptocurrency in a discouraging manner, amongst which are FaceBook CEO, Twitter, Google and Bill Gate who flagged cryptocurrency as a killer “fairly direct way”, berating anonymity which is the main feature of cryptocurrency.

Ripple Remains unperturbed

The crypto market in the last few days is taking a new leave, putting a smile in the face of its lovers. While the altcoins in the table are beginning to add value in the recent comeback, which will likely reimburse investors back to the previous state or above, XRP is at the forefront giving all other coin margin.

In the last 24 hrs, according to Coinranking, while the crypto father added about 6% to it value, Ethereum was blessed with 11% and Ripple’s all-time contender, Litecoin rolled up with only 8%. Definitely, in the eyes of their users, they are seeing goodness.

Source: Coinranking

Ripple, in the comeback outmatched all of its competing altcoins in the market, boosting with a total value of 24%.

Source: Coinranking.

The only altcoin that was able to sight Ripple in the comeback is IOTA which rose with 20%.

The recent outstanding development never seem outlandish to me because, today’s Ripple journey of hundred mile started sometime with no reason to rest.

Ripple has been causing disruption in the financial world especially with its potency in cross-border transaction. The altcoin, using its tools has been able to collaborate with numerous financial organizations and banks amongst which are Santander bank, MoneyGram, western Union and others.

Ripple has always posed to be outstanding amongst its contemporary, and this could be tagged some the reward of its labour.

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