The EOS.CYBEX application for the Supernode Met All the Criteria

EOS  accepted the application from EOS.CYBEX and officially recognized the community as a candidate for their supernodes. The community won the application with all 6 criteria met.

This  is an experienced team dedicated to the incubation of the project and community development to provide many one-stop services for all DAPP developers based on the EOS platform, including testchains easily accessible to developers and tools and services of sophisticated tests. Furthermore, EOS.CYBEX boasts various incubators of blockchain projects created and managed in Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong; other incubators will be located in London, New York, Switzerland and Silicon Valley, according to projections for this year. Cybex, a decentralized crypto-asset exchange based on Graphene technology, provides sufficient liquidity for the crypto-assets of EOS developers.

James Gong, the co-founder of CYBEX, announced during his speech at Chengdu EOS Community Meetup on March 24 that he will not spare his efforts to apply for one of the supernodes, pledging to give maximum support to the community by sharing every CYBEX resource acquired over the years. James Gong believes that EOS will be one of the greatest evolutions of blockchain technology, so EOS.CYBEX will continue the development of the blockchain by collaborating with communities in Asia and other areas of the world. 5 days later, EOS approved the EOS.CYBEX application and selected them as an “all-tick” supernode candidate.

EOS adopts the consent mechanism of Delofated Proof of Stake (DPOS), which, compared to POW and POS, offers speed and efficiency. Disadvantages, however, underlying. To achieve a TPS of millions of dollars as advertised, the nodes must be reduced to a certain extent. Therefore, a network consisting mainly of 21 supernodes creates a perfect balance between decentralization and blocking productivity.

To establish a reliable global network, the 21 supernodes must be elected open and fair. By far, there have been 50 organizations and institutions that have applied for the EOS Supernodes.

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However, the company  examines all candidates according to 6 criteria, which are public presence, ID on SteemIt, Tech Plans, Scaling, Community and Telegram + testnet.

EOS.CYBEX is a community specifically created for this blockchain technology. CYBEX is a decentralized exchange in developed China. The latter was launched on 26 February 2018 and has already had considerable influence. The Cybex whitepaper says that Cybex Exchange will also transfer to the fundamental chain after it has been put into use. As an Exchange operator, CYBEX controls almost every essential obstacle in the life cycle of a blockchain project. Being a keen observer in the blockchain industry, CYBEX is fully aware of the significance of a dynamic DAPP ecosystem to the lower public chain.

From a technology standpoint, EOS.CYBEX will run a complete test chain, providing a sophisticated test environment, digestible development tutorials and other technical support to facilitate the development of outstanding DAPPs on the platform. On the operational side,this team has already created blockchain project incubators around the world, providing developers with access to free office environments, communication platforms, technical guidance and complete financial support from our established foundation. As a result, their goal will be to develop projects. From a liquidity perspective, Cybex Exchange can promote a list of tokens and circulation for those excellent projects.

Their competitiveness manifests itself in 3 aspects. Firstly, its incubators are spread all over the world – 4 sets and operated in Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore and others in Dubai, London, etc. They are screened for the end of this year.

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