The Dodgers’ Minor Leaguer Retired to Launch a Crypto Hedge Fund

Recently, Tyler Adkison retired as a minor league  baseball player with the Los Angeles Dodgers in order to launch a cryptocurrency hedge fund centred purely on athletes. Today, he is the CEO of this hedge fund.

“This movement of cryptocurrency is a very Millennial-driven movement,” said Adkison on the OCR. “The developers are all Millennials or younger generations. They’re all tech-savvy. The people creating and driving this space are us. ”

Despite the fact that there is a basic scepticism from people around him because of the unsteadiness status of the virtual currenct market, we can easily see that Tyler Adkison is very happy about his new impressive chapter of life.

“I studied business at San Diego State and I’ve always had my eye on investing, things of that nature. Technology has fascinated me as long as I could imagine. I was waiting in line for the release of the first iPad. I was in middle school. I sold candy to pay for it. I feel like cryptocurrency is the pinnacle of technological advancement.” He said.

His crypto hedge fund, BlockTerra Capital LLC., already has about 30 clients,  mainly professional baseball or football players. And indeed, his first client was  Joe Kelly, the Boston Red Sox pitcher.

“I met a venture capitalist and explained what I do: that there’s a need for pro athletes to have that investment vehicle,” he said on the OCR. “What entrepreneurs do is find a need and solve it, so I started this company. That’s literally the name of the game.”

However the major part of people is always sceptical when an innovation comes from a young boy. Indeed, Adkison has only 22 years old. Someone could think he is an inexperienced entrepreneur but one thing is for sure: he is very motivated and passionate. Two important capacities.  We must realise that we are living in a new era and many emerging leaders in the cryptocurrency ecosystem are Millennials just like him. Here a couple of examples: the Ethereum co-founder Vitalek Buterin( at 24, Buterin’s net worth reportedly tops $400 million) or Justin Sun, now 27 years old, the founder of Tron and Callme(Peiwo).

quoting the words of Adkison: “The next generation filling this asset class, it’s going to be us.”

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