Intel, a Patent for Bitcoin Mining

Santa Clara registers a patent with the description of a computational unit for Bitcoin mining, an “optimized” system able to significantly reduce the energy expenditure necessary to undermine cryptomino

Among those involved in rethinking the crypto mining market there is also Intel, a company so far known mainly for its x86 CPUs and now would like to make a “Bitcoin Mining Hardware Accelerator” (BMHA), a device capable to work much better than general hardware.

Intel has in fact registered a patent at the US Patent Office (USPTO) expressly talking about hardware acceleration for Bitcoin mining, a System-on-a-Chip (SoC) unit that includes a “processor core” next to a hardware accelerator for the management of the calculations necessary to mine cryptocurrencies.

“Because of the large amount of power utilized, and the relatively high cost of that power, mining Bitcoins can be a very costly endeavor,” adds Intel in the patent filing. “In some embodiments, the cost to mine a single Bitcoin may exceed the value of the mined Bitcoin.”

A characteristic of a system like BMHA is the use of reduced electricity, with a practice of optimization that according to Intel also reduces the space used by the mining hardware and leads to a maximum overall cut of -35% in consumption compared to to the aforementioned generalist hardware. Intel underlines how the use, indeed the abuse of modern GPU born to accelerate video games has led to a paradoxical situation, where the cost of electricity needed to mine a Bitcoin can even exceed the value (in dollars) of the same Bitcoin.

Also thanks to the continuous collapse of the market quotations, a specialized hardware like BMHA would represent the solution that many, in the mining business, have been waiting for some time.

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