5 Best Android Apps to Manage, Exchange and Spend Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are becoming closer to our hands thanks to the appropriate apps. We use it to manage our digital currencies, track trends and to convert them. Cryptocurrencies market is the new Wild West Gold Rush and, in the age of technology, having it in our smartphones is a must.

If you need a digital wallet, these apps are worthy of consideration. And as cryptocurrencies gains popularity, having apps to manage or spend virtual coins is becoming more important. In fact, 2018 will be a great year for cryptocurrency. Being able to pay for goods and services in the real world will always be more natural. As a result, you will need to have a solid idea about everything that concerns this crypto world. And there are several themed apps for mining, monitoring and storing virtual currencies.


The first app that comes in mind is Coinbase. Stay on top of the markets, buy and sell instantly with your bank, your card or the coins you have and store your assets securely. Coinbase is one of the most known and reliable applications for Bitcoin. You can also send and receive coins easily. You will enjoy a clean and fast user interface that works great. One of the best features of Coinbase is the ability to manage Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin in one app. So, they support over 32 different countries, allow you to connect your bank accounts and more. Coinbase is like PayPal for the digital currency. As an added bonus, there is a remote disable feature in case you lose your phone.

Blockchain Luxembourg Coin & Wallet

Another popular option that is growing day by day is the Blockchain Luxembourg Coin & Wallet app. This app has a nice user interface, easy to use and lots of features for all your needs. It is possible to easily transfer your coins. The app supports over 20 conversion rates, over 25 languages, dynamic rates, TOR block and a map to help you find coin dealers in your area. Blockchain does a bit of everything and does it well.

Bitcoin Checker

Another great trusted app is Bitcoin Checker. It’s one of the most popular apps ever, especially for beginners. If you’re starting to dabble in Cryptocurrencies world, try this app first. The interface is very simple, almost too simple, but this is a good feature for beginners. You can easily track your favorite Dogecoin, bitcoins or get more information about anything. It’s not just a great app for tracking prices, but you can learn at the same time. Follow over 80 exchanges from around the world in one app.


Cryptonator, an app for the most serious trader. It is possible to obtain anonymous bank protection to monitor, archive, receive and transfer your digital currency. With this app, you can track your favorite currencies and even see their value over an entire month and see which one has done better. So, convert over 500 different varieties or manage your wallet with ease. It’s a Crypto all-in-one app for serious users.

If you are looking for an application for everyday activities, consider the wallet. You can buy from over 120 different merchants. The wallet is great for checking your balance, transferring funds or making quick payments with your digital currency. In fact, it is great for managing balances for almost all crypts and you do not need a bank account of any kind. Beautiful also the map to find merchants or banks in the area that work with Bitcoin.

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