Tron (TRX) To Have 100 Million Users With Mainnet Launch

It took the Tron (TRX) team three days to launch 126 nodes in 5 continents in anticipation of the Testnet launch that went live on the 31st of March this year. The nodes were launched in the United States, China, Spain, Vietnam, Germany, India, the U.K, just to name a few. Testnet is meant to be an alternative blockchain to that of Ethereum that the Tron Project was founded upon during the early days of development. It is meant to be launched as a Beta or Test version of the final Tron blockchain known as Mainnet.

In the Bilingual live stream by Justin Sun during the launch of Testnet on the 31st of March, the tough CEO who has weathered a lot of FUD and fake news on the web, mentioned that the Tron project was initially going to be an entertainment platform mainly for gaming, online gambling and online entertainment. However, this vision has been expanded to include decentralizing the web in general. This is perhaps a good thing with major social media platforms such as facebook being the owners of a lot of personal data of the platform users. With a decentralized web, the user owns the data and gets to determine what data to share and to whom.

Justin Sun also added that in the next quarter of the year, the Tron project will be focused on migrating from the Ethereum blockchain to that of Tron’s Mainnet. This will include migration of the already existing DApps already running on the Tron network that is Ethereum based. These DApps have a total of 100 Million users already using them and will in turn be users of Tron’s Mainnet.

The DApps include: Peiwo,, GIFTO, ODYSSEY, OBike,Mico, kitty live, GSC and Baofeng Xinying. The most popular is Peiwo which is an audio-based post-95s social software. It has stress-free anonymous chat mode and one-click speed matching and help users to realize real and effective communications. Audio communication is the cornerstone of the DApp. It currently supports over 30 million users. creates and integrates game content and has alliances with various blockchain funds to help digital currencies provide entertainment service applications and promote the rapid development of blockchain tech. GIFTO enables community participants from different platforms to work together to create, review and customize a wide range of high-quality virtual gifts for content creators around the world. ODYSSEY’s main goal is to build the next-generation decentralized sharing economy & Peer to Peer Ecosystem. OBIKE is a station-less bike sharing platform. Mico on the other hand, is a mobile social networking platform for the global market. Kitty Live is the famous live streaming app. The GSC DAPP is the world’s first new generation of social network chain that owns hundreds of millions of social users. The final DApp by Beijing Baofeng Xinying Technology Co., Ltd., helps blockchain business es deploy massive nodes rapidly

It is the users of these Tron DApp that will be migrated to the Tron Miannet later on in the year.

Price analysis puts Tron (TRX) at the market value of $0.0335 at the moment of writing this. This value is an impressive recovery of 16.7% from Sunday’s low of $0.0287. With the projected launch of Mainnet slated for May 31st, it would he wise to keep accumulating and holding the relatively cheap token. The total migration from ERC20 tokens to Tron’s blockchain is scheduled for the 20th of June with more updates to be provided at around April 15th by the Tron technical team.

Also to note, is the new logo of the Tron project that has been provided courtesy of the Tron Telegram Group with an impressive 15,000 members and counting.

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