After Catapult NEM (XEM) Changes the Positions of the Team

The NEM Team (XEM) announced today that a change in the company’s positions is under way.

Lon Wong and Jeff McDonald will move from their positions on the Foundation and will transition to advisory roles. Kristof Van de Reck was elected interim president of the  Foundation.

With the first phase of release of Catapult’s private beta, Lon and Jeff now intend to focus on the business partners. These startups and consultants are necessary to implement the applications of this blockchain all over the world. The NEM ecosystem is thriving and moving into advisory roles, Lon and Jeff can spend more time developing robust system integrators, a piece of the critically undervalued the entire ecosystem.

In a letter Lon Wong commented:

Over the past year, we have witnessed tremendous growth in the value of XEM that coincided with the creation and expansion of the NEM Foundation. I am proud to serve as the founding president of our foundation and to oversee its expansion around the world. NEM, through our foundation, enjoys the distinction of being the first cryptographic project to create its own blockchain center. This center represents a significant result and demonstrates the cohesion of the project team to gather on a global scale to dream big. Having the opportunity to lead this wonderful community and team was both a privilege and an honor for me.

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