Now it’s Possible to buy Tron (TRX) Through an ATM Machine

Another loud announcement for Tron was followed by the recent important news on launching the long-awaited test net; Coinflip which is the Bitcoin ATM provider, announced about adding support to Tron. This means that now it became possible to buy Tron tokens though an ATM machine in the US where Coinflip offers its services. This also makes Tron the first ever ERC20 token which will be possible to be purchased via an ATM machine.

This important integration has put Tron in the high line with leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH). As of current data Coinflip offers its services in 57 different locations in the US offering to purchase any of the mentioned cryptocurrencies in addition to the possibility to cash out Litecoin at its two-way models.

Current service fee of Coinflip is 6.9% over spot for buys, and 3.5% under for sells. In order to perform a transaction with amounts up to $700 the users are asked to simply input a cell phone number and verify it via a text message which is sent to that number containing a unique numeric code. In case the transaction amount is between $700 and $3000 the users are asked to perform a simple registration on the platform. The registration takes 5-10 minutes and is required to be performed only once for each user. In addition the system requires identity verification for withdrawals above $3,000 and the maximum withdrawal which is allowed per day is $7,500.

This new possibility to purchase Tron (TRX) via more flexible and convenient platforms shows the dedicated work of the company towards making it even easier to invest in the cryptocurrency. In addition these important integrations help positioning Tron as a strong and powerful company which is able to stand along with the field leaders.

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