Founder of Cardano Reveals What to Expect in the Future

Recently during one of the largest crypto world events ICO Summit, the founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson gave a very interesting interview on the recent developments of Cardano and its ideologies. During the interview Hoskinson touched important topics such as lessons learnt from the recent market developments, success factors behind Cardano and of course shared some interesting plans for future.

Firstly while evaluating the key lessons learnt so far, Hoskinson referred to two important aspects of their business including the actual development process and engineering aspects. According to Hoskinson, the path that has been made so far needs to be improved in order to eventually ensure the scientific claims behind the cryptocurrency that had been made by the company. As to engineering aspects, the leader of Cardano believes that the cryptocurrency will become complete in case they are successful to achieve well-defined protocols, and specifications of a wallet.

Eventually Hoskinson mentioned that the main goal for the company is to become the first 3rd generation cryptocurrency meaning possessing all the three essentials of scalability, interoperability, and sustainability.

While assessing the success factors behind Cardano, Hoskinson revealed that they currently have over a hundred thousand people working in their community in addition to the field expert-leaders of the company who have been working in the field for many years being also ex-employees of Ethereum. So the strong and dedicated team of Cardano was mentioned to be one of the key factors behind the success of the company.

Hoskinson was also asked to comment on downtrends and up-trends of the market to which he answered “Technically, the company lost 2 billion dollars in the downtrend and who cares. It is not actually real until you exercise.”

At the end of the interview Hoskinson stated that they are still in a heavy research phase and are very close to moving to practicality phase. This means that we can look forward to some positive developments from Cardano soon.

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