Justin Sun Reveals Tron’s 3 Further Steps After the Test Net Launch

After the recent announcement on Tron (TRX) test net being launched the founder of the company Justin Sun made some important comments and shared their further objectives during a live stream on his official channel. In general all the comments made during the live stream showed the team’s dedication and large investments being made in Tron to become one of the top companies in the market. The following 3 further steps were discussed by Sun bringing the light on the future objectives of the company.

  1. Tron will be launched on some major exchange platforms very soon. According to field experts Sun could have been talking about some leaders such as Coinbase. In case these predictions are true this development will help the altcoin earn some visible value in the market.

  2. Tron will be adding 100 new team members. According to Sun in order to launch the main net and be able to support it they are going to involve some new brilliant developers to their team. This shows the amount of resources and the volumes of the new project Sun is aiming on. In addition it is reported that only the brightest minds from such leading companies as Alibaba will be engaged in the new project.

  3. Tron is looking forward to some important pairs very soon. Although Sun did not share any specific names here it is believed that he could have been talking about USD. Considering the fact that pairing up with BTC usually was not successful for many altcoins in the past as well as Sun talking about his aims about USD many times before, these predictions can be more than realistic. Pairing up with USD will give a real value to Tron (TRX) which will make it so much more valuable.

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Overall the presented entire development concept projects the long-lasting vision of Tron and the ambitious team aiming on a strong project to be launched very soon.

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