Tron Announces Test Net Launch Just on Time

Just as promised, Tron developers announced the launch of the Test Net several hours ago. This is great news for the fans of the cryptocurrency who have been looking forward to be able to make predictions on how the main launch of the project may be performing after the testing period goes live.

According to the recent announcement by the Foundation on their official Twitter page Test Net is currently live which will be “marking the completion of the infrastructure for the TRON ecosystem”. In addition the loud announcement, the message also included exciting information that in order to celebrate the big launch the company placed a huge ad screen in Times Square. The announcement featured the picture of the famous Nasdaq screen on one of the main buildings in Time Square once again proving just how much the company invests in the development and the image of the project.

Launching the test net is an important development for Tron as it usually happens before any major launch of such a promising project. The development team now will be able to see the actual response from the users and polish up the final version of the largest project of Tron so far.

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At the same time launching the Test Net is one of the essential steps by Tron which must be followed by lot of hard work for the future success of the project. Until the main launch of the new independent Net there will be many predictions on the future development of Tron. According to many field experts the new launch will measurably increase the value of Tron putting the cryptocurrency on the top positions in the market. Meanwhile we all are looking forward to the end of the month to witness the real outcome of the main Net Launch.

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