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Stellar ’s Strategy for 2018 is Mapping

All the followers of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the current market Stellar, would confirm that the company has been designing a careful development plan aiming on attracting new potential users for 2018. According to the company leaders the eventual objective of their strategy is to make it convenient and accessible for more and more users to invest in XLM and the current development plan represents a vast range for the future they’re envisioning. The following development directions Stellar has taken for this year, have the aim of making potential users reconsider their investments in favor of XLM.

  • Stellar aims on entering global markets. As one of the strongest platforms out there it has the objective to expand globally going for even the most untouched financial environments such as African market. The main strategy here includes engaging with the regional tech population in addition to all the people who live in urban zones.

  • Stellar already started using new technologies including Lighting network which will allow them to manage a huge number of users with no need to compromise the quality of the conducted transactions. Similar developments can be expected for future as well proving that the company constantly makes investments in the improvement of Stellar.

  • Stellar keeps investing in powerful win-win alliances in order to excel their service. The recent loud partnerships were with leading names such as IBM and Deloitte. In addition recently American technology company, Stripe announced about supporting XLM. As promised by the leaders the number of such important partnerships will grow in 2108 as well.

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The main development directions of the foundation confirm that eventually the cryptocurrency is promised to make the lives of the users more straightforward and favorable which is of course going to be welcomed by the users promising a favorable future for Stellar.

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