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Key Reasons Behind Stellar’s Integration with Lightning Network

Followed by the recent loud announcement made on March 15 about launching the Lightning Network Beta version, Stellar (XLM) was quick to confirm that they will use and integrate the Lightning Network into their platform as well. This has been an interesting development for Stellar making the field enthusiasts and experts comment on future of the loud integration for both of the parties ever since the announcement was made.

For a deeper analysis of the reasons behind the interesting integration it is essential to consider several important aspects which can help us understand what exactly this partnership will be bringing to the parties and the industry in the future:

  • Stellar (XLM) hopes to become the future of banking which is planned to be achieved via quick, simple and reliable money movement on their reliable platform with very low costs.

  • Lighting Network is declared to be offering a promising solution for scalability issues that exist in various cryptocurrencies including the biggest ones in the current market.

  • In addition, Lightning Network permits the transactions to be kept off of the public record insuring great privacy which is of top importance for Stellar as well.

The Co-founder of Stellar (XLM), Jed McCaleb himself highlighted some key advantages for Stellar integrating with the Lightning Network which firstly of course included Lighting Network’s ability to solve scalability issues, then the matching objectives of the two platforms to work together “to take things to an entirely new level”.

These aspects help us see that Lightning Network can be the ideal solution for Stellar (XLM) however the integration process is going to still take lot of time and efforts from the team of developers. Meanwhile considering the great objectives for this integration the great efforts will be paying the parties off eventually. In fact it is possible that many other digital currencies will follow the footsteps of Stellar (XLM) in integrating with Lightning in the nearest future.

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