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New Positive Value Forecast for Stellar. 275% up by the end of 2018?

Since the recent relatively slow developments in the cryptocurrency market there have been many predictions on future performances of the nowadays largest cryptocurrencies including Stellar. In general there are mostly positive predictions for this coin in the market and recently the CEO of WishKnish, Alisa Gus expressed a very optimistic opinion stating that according to their predictions Stellar will be raised in value by up to 275% by the end of 2018.

Even though Stellar is one of the most prospective cryptocurrencies currently out there, this is a very loud prediction and of course it is curious to learn about the background for such an optimistic approach to Stellar. Here are some aspects to consider while deciding whether to trust the highly positive predictions by made Alisa Gus:

  • Firstly, Gus has been working in the cryptocurrency industry for years becoming one of the most trusted commentator on many cryptocurrency issues for a number of years.

  • Meanwhile not every prediction made by the famous field expert were proven to be right which of course can be acceptable considering the nature of the cryptocurrency industry.

  • In addition as proven by many other big cryptocurrencies in the current market, a great recovery strategy would be making strong partnerships with large exchange platforms and financial institutions to strengthen and expand a currency. So far Stellar has not been among the most active cryptocurrencies making loud partnerships which can put a light of concern on the highly positive forecast on the future of the cryptocurrency. At the same time only future will show how different currencies actually recover from the recent events and keep a successful future performance in the market.

At the same time it is hard to exactly forecast the actual performance of even the most successful cryptocurrencies currently. In any case the number forecasted by Gus is an interesting one to note as there is a great deal of possibilities for it to be close to the real performance of the cryptocurrency eventually.

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