OTCBTC will be Listing Tron

Another leading exchange platform is announced to be officially listing Tron very soon. This time it is the leading Asian exchange platform OTCBTC which will officially have Tron listed since March 20th. This has been another loud announcement by Tron followed by several other large listings of the coin which became available recently.

OTCBTC exchange is currently considered to be the largest exchange platform in Asia which aims on solving all points of crypto trading and making sure trading cryptocurrencies is available for anyone who is interested in the field. The main advantages of the platform include convenient low-fee escrow service for the users as well as the opportunity to easily make use of the platform that operates between PayPal and Bitcoin. In addition with OTCBTC platform users do not need to maintain any kind of internal balance and employ withdrawal or deposit procedures.

The founder of the foundation, Justin Sun was quick to make an official post on his Twitter account to promote the loud announcement. According to Sun’s tweet, being listed on OTCBTC- the largest Asian exchange platform is an important development for Tron. In addition their aim is to have Tron listed in different kinds of exchanges which would include centralized, decentralized and otc exchanges as the key objective is “increase Tron’s diversity and resilience”.

It is important to mention that as for now Tron has already been successfully trading on other major trading exchange platforms including Binance, Bit-Z, and Upbit which listed the currency in the line with nowadays big cryptocurrencies only recently. The big listing on OTCBTC is another major step towards diversification and wider availability of Tron in the current highly competitive market. To trust the leaders of the company, similar large listings will keep becoming available constantly which promise to make one of the most prospective cryptocurrencies currently in the market even more popular with time.

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