7 Simple Ways to Earn Cryptocurrencies Online

The cryptocurrencies comunity grows day by day, while the use of these instruments becomes more relevant in today’s daily life. Many are interested in the crypto market and the new opportunities to earn cryptocurrencies  that these tools offer, which go beyond investing to acquire or mine them.

The Internet, where users used to look for a few pennies to do tasks or check catalogs, is where new spaces are being erected for those same activities, and others that have been added as interaction in social networks, which they can offer their users the opportunity to earn a certain amount of cryptocurrencies independently.

In this special article we bring you 7 ways in which you can earn cryptocurrencies in a simple way, doing small tasks, sharing original content or simply being part of a social network.


It is a social network that rewards its users for the quality and receptivity of its contents. Steemaniacs, as they call themselves, are users of this platform who earn STEEM tokens for the positive evaluation of their material – the more votes a publication has, the greater the reward. The platform makes visible to other users the assessment of each publication, so that everyone can know the success of each.

Users can earn STEEM by receiving and by giving votes. But not only the content is apt to receive votes, but even the comments  can be voted too. This generates a unique monetization model in the network so that authors and curators of the content remain hooked. Currently the Steemit token has a value of 2.58 dollars and a market capitalization that exceeds 650 million dollars, according to CoinMarketCap.


It is a social network where users can earn cryptocurrencies – Bcash (BCH) – from the content they publish. The goal is that users who want to receive better rewards strive to provide quality content, to be better valued. Rewarding creators while improving the quality of content on the Internet are two of your goals. This allows people to charge for developing their creative work, while making the production of good content financially sustainable.

Users of the platform can earn money by giving votes and writing reviews. Before making the decision to switch to Bcash, the platform made its payments with bitcoins (BTC) and used a micropayment layer similar to Lightning Network. However, when the commissions on BTC transactions became more expensive, they migrated to a cheaper option that allowed micropayments with very low commissions. Bcash currently has a price of 1,143 dollars and a market capitalization of more than 19 billion dollars.


It is a blockchain platform specialized in the world of live music. Its goal is to create a huge registry of artists, places to play, producers and showcases globally. This project has its own token -VIB-, which the collaborators of the platform receive as a reward for helping the project to emerge and take hold.

Panar win VIB on this platform, its users can dedicate themselves to add new content to the site, promote Viberate on their social networks and add members to the community with a unique reference link. For its part, the platform distributes a daily reward of 5000 VIB among users who are actively collaborating with its development and growth.

Viberate is also part of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), which has made the company gain prestige and interest in the ecosystem. Currently the VIB has a value of 0.19 dollars and a market capitalization of over 32 million dollars.


In Revain, users are rewarded for exposing their experiences and criticisms about the Initial Currency Offers (ICO) of certain projects, about cryptocurrency exchange houses and places to buy with them. The objective is for the user to make an effort to publish a quality material, because once the text has been published, it is unchangeable. The platform uses the blockchain technology for the registration of users, the storage of their work and the distribution of rewards among users, through the token R (native cryptoactive platform).

The two main topics for specialized critics on the platform are the ICO and the crypto market. Criticisms of ICOs from investors and experts can be used by external measurement systems, just as they can help attract greater visibility to the platform and to users who will be able to monetize their content. Currently, each R token has a value of 1.09 dollars and a market capitalization of more than 200 million dollars.


Brave is a browser that takes advantage of the potential of blockchain technology to provide a more efficient and personal browsing experience. This is achieved by eliminating unwanted advertising and allowing the user to configure the options that are offered in the browser interface to his liking. This web browser is open source and is able to block ads and online trackers, in order to protect the privacy of its users. Content creators in this network earn Basic Attention Token (BAT), the platform’s native cryptocurrency.

The objective of the browser is to provide a tool through which users can choose the advertising that best suits their interests and pay directly to the creators of content with cryptocurrencies. Advertisers can also take full advantage of this technology by having more accurate and accurate market statistics of users, in addition to being able to access higher percentages of the profits generated in the network. The BAT has today a value of 0.27 dollars and has a market capitalization of 272 million dollars.


This is a platform that rewards its users with bitcoins for reading online. The platform has more than 600 titles and access to books is completely free. Users need to log in with the Digital Artists Online widget on any page of the book to start generating funds. Payments are made every Monday, as long as the user has a minimum balance of 10,000 satoshis. The only limitation in this regard is that payments are made exclusively to accounts created in Coinbase.

The reading period is 5 minutes per page and users can choose to read classics of universal literature or recently published books on cryptography, Bitcoin and other current topics, which are part of the reading offer. The objective is to encourage the habit of reading and obtain opinions on the books read.


A faucet is a kind of “tap” of free bitcoins, with a flow that works constantly. In this type of schemes, users should only perform simple activities such as completing a captcha, recognizing a combination of numbers, identifying images, among others.

Among the faucets that we can name them we have: CoinFaucet, that allows to gain specifically ripple (XRP); Gitcoin, who is a faucet who pays satoshis for watching transmissions via streaming; MoonBitcoin and FreeBitcoin, to earn bitcoins, and some others that pay their users for other simple tasks. Although it is not a mechanism that generates large profits, it is a useful method to obtain small amounts of cryptoactive with little effort.

As we have seen, there are a good number of options in the ecosystem to receive bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. A series of simple ways to enter this flourishing crypto-financial world and that for some of its users have become an essential part of their activities to generate funds; especially in countries where the official currency and the economy are hit wildly by inflation.


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