Monero will be Integrated with Ledger Wallet

One of the most popular and safest cryptocurrencies currently in the market- Monero recently announced about a big step the team is going to make very soon. According to the announcement Monero may be soon fully integrated with Ledger Wallet. Currently the integration is in the Beta testing phase and new updates on the process were promised to be announced soon as those become available.

Ledger is a leading smartcard based Bitcoin hardware wallet which is aimed on robust safety features which allow storing cryptographic assets and securing digital payments. The wallet is possible to connect to any computer via simple USB. Once connected, the system embeds a secure OLED display which easily double-checks and confirms each transaction made by the user.

At the same time Monero is known in the cryptocurrency market as one of the safest coins out there which is a perfect solution for those who want to have more layers of anonymity while using cryptocurrencies. Considering Monero’s successful and steady performance in the market as well as the safety driven approach is has been surprising that Ledger Wallet still does not have a full official integration with the coin.

The recent announcement stated that after the testing period which is currently being conducted by Ledger is successfully concluded the community will be able to safely store their Monero, without depending on a cryptocurrency exchange. As a result of this full integration and the official release of the system the owners of Monero will become their “own bank” and will be able to protect their savings and digital assets from hackers and any attacks.

This is an important integration for Monero especially considering the main objective of the company to provide safe and anonymous transactions to the users. Integrations such as this one promise to make Monero even stronger and more secure in for the future.

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