Stellar Lumens

3 More Reasons to Believe in Stellar

Stellar has been one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies in the market recently showing a good performance over past few months. During the recent market bloodbath the currency has also suffered a measurable decrease in value. There have been several important partnerships and events announced by the company recently which can be very for the cryptocurrency, and give XLM a promising advantage for the future.

  • Several major exchange platforms have been listing XLM on the list with nowadays big cryptocurrencies. The recent large exchanger which listed Stellar was eToro which has been a very important integration for the coin. As reported by the company leaders even more and larger platforms are going to list Stellar later in 2018 as well. Obviously the more platforms list the coin the faster and wider Stellar will be spread among potential investors.

  • Another large partnership of Stellar which potentially contributes to the successful performance of the currency currently is the one with one of the biggest names in advertising world – MAD. The two large companies work together to help bringing in better ad revenues by building a new advertising platform for MAD over the Stellar network.

  • The widely anticipated platform- FairX will be launch in April or May of 2018 which is believed to give another boost to the credibility of the currency.

In addition to the important recent developments the greatest added value to the company remains the hard work of the professional team investing the best resources to keep building a strong and stable currency. Considering all the advantages, recent improvements in value and the promising partnerships, XLM has all the potential to have a great performance in the future as well.

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