Tron and BitGuild will Bring Major Change to Video Gaming Industry

Blockchain technology and video gaming seem to become more and more correlated with each day. Due to Tron’s and BitGuild’s mutual efforts a new big step towards the big goal of bringing in-game item ownership to distributed ledgers can be made very soon.

The aspect this cooperation aims to touch here focuses on owning the virtual items while playing video games. Usually purchasing new virtual items can be possible by using real money while selling those is considered illegal in most cases. This makes the ownership of the virtual items rather one-sided.

So there is a gap of not having an effective solution to make this ownership fair which inspired BitGuild and Tron to work together and suggest a great solution for this in the future. The aim of the large initiation is to create a worldwide free content entertainment system using blockchain technology. This new technology will allow proving the ownership of a virtual item and will provide an opportunity to make financial transactions to purchase digital assets.

As a part of the cooperation BitGuild will soon provide a limited-edition in-game set of assets to the community of Tron and all these virtual assets can be purchased using TRX token.

This is a great initiation by the two large companies which promise to make a major change in the industry. There are in fact similar projects being implemented currently in the market by some other blockchain ventures. However the approach adopted by Tron and BitGuid is rather outstanding in a way that it gives the player a full control over his virtual assets.

So this technology offers tokenization of offered products rather than providing in-game services or currencies. This makes the initiation of Tron and BitGuild unique over other relevant blockchain projects out there.

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