Alexey Sobolev joins the IOTA Foundation

Alexey Sobolev is an enthusiastic IT engineer with 9 years of experience in developing complex IT systems with a strong focus on front-end development, and he is joining the IOTA foundation.

Since the beginning of 2009, he has been active in the fields of eCommerce, the development of mobile applications and large corporate software, gaining a lot of experience in the optimization of software quality, system architecture and product development.

Alexey will work mainly on web and mobile applications integrating various modern technologies and frameworks such as React, Node and WebAssembly.

Before joining the IOTA Foundation, Alexey worked as a software developer and solution architect for Mobizcorp, a leading digital commerce consulting firm, several startups and even for companies in the fintech and enterprise sectors. During this period he was responsible for managing small teams and participating in planning, analyzing and implementing solutions to support corporate objectives.

It has practical experience that guides all phases of the development of front-end applications, including definition of requirements, architecture, testing and support.

Alexey graduated in computer systems engineering at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany. He is very fascinated by the way technologies such as distributed registries can allow new ideas such as connected and self-managed vehicles. Alexey is passionate about new technologies and frameworks, development of embedded applications and machine learning.

IOTA has captured my interest in its key concepts, which exceed the limits of traditional blockchain technology. The concept of IOTA as a scalable, open source, decentralized and commission-free distributed accounting technology is very important for our partners to adopt. It’s exciting that it works on embedded devices and allows any organization to manage its nodes. Generalized accounting technologies have a future in a world of connected devices, as well as smart data and infrastructure markets. Because IOTA obtains zero transaction fees and allows everyone to send and receive encrypted messages through the general ledger, it allows extensive use in a variety of use cases that were previously very cheap or even impossible.

I am enthusiastic about joining the IOTA Foundation and its great team and I look forward to contributing to the further development of technology and its diffusion in more industries and areas.

Alexey Sobolev supported the project in developing use cases and Proof of Concepts with different companies, to demonstrate the potential of IOTA. Now it is officially joining the IOTA Foundation and will spend even more time witnessing the growth of the ecosystem from a technical point of view, in particular with the implementation with the companies.

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