Important Litecoin Core Update was Announced

Some exciting news about Litcoin was recently announced by founder Charlie Lee on an important Core update. According to the official post on Lee’s Twitter page a new Litecoin Core 0.16rc1. update is already tagged and is currently under testing phase. Once the update is tested enough it will be officially released to public use.

Litecoin is currently the 5th best coin in the world with a market capital of $8 billion which is available on world’s largest trading platforms including OKEx, GDAX, Bitfinex, Binance, etc. Litecoin core is the open source software which allows using Litecoin and is maintained by the same Litecoin development team.

According to the development team the updated version of Litecoin core still needs some throughout testing on different levels before its official release. The new Litecoin core 0.16 is promised to have native SegWit Bech32 support in addition to even lower fees.

This update however should not be confused with a coin fork or an offspring as it usually can be, instead this is considered to be a reference wallet which will bring more convenience and flexibility to users.

There are new promising advantages and interesting opportunities for the users with the updated version of Litecoin core, and the development team is very excited to work on it. Although the general information and further works was the only information officially announced by the company for now we are all looking forward to more updates from Litecoin on the expected release date of the new updated version.

Litecoin has been showing a relatively stable performance in the market lately making important partnerships and constant updates at the same time. The cryptocurrency is a promising one to follow in the current very busy market with some interesting events and updates coming up.

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