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Stellar Announces a new Partnership with Keybase

Stellar recently announced about a new important partnership with Keybase. The recent announcement was made by Stellar Partnership Program which stated that due to the new partnership, Stellar fund projects will be initiated by Keybase. Stellar is aimed on transferring money across borders in a quick and simple way while Keybase is a cryptographically encrypted security app that is used to share files and communications.

The important partnership between the two entities supposes a good combination of mutual forces to create tangible game-changing products. The strengths as well as specific expertise of each party will be put together for prospective solutions which according to the sides can be the technology for the future.

One of the main opportunities this cooperation promises to bring is linking digital identities cryptographically with real-world assets. This will make money transfers even easier to perform for the users who will be able to make the transactions by simply providing some basic information about the recipient for example the username in social networks etc.

The partnership will be bringing loads of other opportunities for the users which include:

  • The Keybase app will be completed by useful features from the Stellar network.

  • The wallets will be convenient and simple to be used on multiple devices which will require minimal efforts from the users.

  • The two teams of the entities will be committed to updating and fixing bugs on their sites during and after the important integrations.

As a result a successful and user friendly platforms are expected to be introduced very soon which will offer some important and promising solutions for the users. Making simple transactions which require minimal efforts from the users can indeed be the future of sending money and this cooperation is the first step towards the right direction.

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